MUM MUAH is about every mother eager to acknowledge and reveal her femininity in relation to the new world. MUM MUAM is about the mother and her emotions, about the relationship between “the old-her” and “the new-her”, in essence about “the her-in-the-present”. MUM MUAH is about self-identity and the courage to discover it.


We offer safe childcare systems, “textile nests of care”, as we call them. Whether we mean "baby wraps", "woven wraps", "baby slings", “baby carriers" or "SSC", they are all considered to be mother's arm extensions. Unique and safe arms mean unique and safe products for us. We did not invent the concept of "attachment parenting", but through our products we seek to support, validate and lead to perfection.


A "muah" from deep within the heart can elevate the woman within any "mum".


MUM MUAH. Chic-wear your baby.


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