Why Lurex and Rexor?
There has to be a good reason all that is glittery is so attractive to us. Whatever the reason is, what we know for sure is that as often as we can, we use Lurex and Rexor to add that extra elegance, that subtle compliment. Gold or silver, all that shines reminds us of royalty. Isn’t royalty exactly what we are? What is Lurex? Lurex is a sintetic fibre, with a metalic aesthetic, invented in 1946. It is a metallic thread of different colours,... Read more
Why Linen?
How can you not love a fibre so full of history, so deeply rooted in the fabric industry and so appreciated throughout the Globe? Research shows it highly likely that linen was one of the most ancient fibres used to make clothing, some variants dating back to as far as 30.000 years. What makes linen so universally appreciated? The linen thread is pretty difficult to produce. Linen itself is a sensitive plant that requires a lot of care to grow... Read more
Why Viscose?
Bamboo viscose is like a cool breeze in a hot summer day. It is light, soft and really smooth, like a kittens belly, making the Babywearing process pleasant no matter the season. What is Bamboo Viscose? There is a complicated proces that makes the bamboo viscose fibre, processing cellulose from bamboo, the most sustainable plant of which we could be making fabric. Soft and easy to work with, this fabric is a trusted friend in your journey... Read more
Why Cashwool?
Like a cloud, like cotton candy, like a marshmallow. This is Cashwool. A precious fabric, an improved variant of merino wool, an exceptional fibre. It is stronger, softer, easier to care for and friendlier with you. Why you should own it? Cashwool is an innovation, an Italian luxury product, made by carefully selecting wool. It is a combination of culture, technology and nature. Only a small fraction of wool can make past this selection, only... Read more
Why Bamboo?
Just imagine. A hot day, a burning sun, a will to stroll, but an unfriendly city. Now think about finding a forest. Green, natural, welcoming and cool. What would you choose? We would choose a long stroll in an adequate and friendly fabric anytime. A fabric like natural bamboo blend. What are the advantages of natural bamboo in fabrics? Bamboo is a moisture wicking fabric, which means you will only feel comfort during your walks, even during... Read more
Why Silk?
Every time you feel like you need a feminity push, a well earned pamper, silk is the best choice. The way it feels in the hand, the way it wraps, together with our bold prints, will make you a memorable presence. Tussah Silk Tussah Silk is natural and wild. It is a special thread with tiny knots, which will look beautiful in wraps. The texture of the fiber will help you stay cool in the summer and keep your temperature warm during winter. It offers... Read more
Why Cotton?
You know those favourite pieces in your wardrobe that you could wear every day? That’s what a good cotton wrap is. Your automatic go-to when getting out the door. The one you pack just in case, because it comes in so handy when you want something simple and easy. Mum Muah wraps are woven using only the finest cotton. We use Egyptian Cotton and Combed Cotton. There are many aspects that are common between the two. They are both really easy... Read more
How to use a ring sling?
You have in your hand a very simple product to use. Let us show you how to do it! Read more
How to use a woven wrap?
Remember people have always practised the art of wearing their babies. This is indeed an art form. Wearers have always been survivors, making the best of any situation. They have kept their babies close both in cold and warm climates, using whatever material was handy. You have the possibility of refining your choice, to take advantage of thousands of years of experience, of trials, of stories of success. You’re about to see a basic... Read more
Fall in love with our ring slings
You can feel you little one snuggled in your arms, like a calm and sleepy koala cub. You can literally feel your heart bursting of love. This is one of those many moments, when you are so happy you chose to use a ring sling today. You have to go out, and a handful of tasks on your to-do list. You're confident you can handle it, because you already managed to feed, change and help your baby settle for her next nap which she will take in the ring... Read more
What are MUM MUAH wraps and how their magic works
When you first saw a babywearing mama, your first thought, your first instinct was to gasp in delight: "What an amazing idea!" You saw her draped in a long, colourful, gorgeous fabric, graciously strolling with her baby. They looked so calm together, so happy. So you obviously decided you must know their secret. For the mothers before us, it came as second nature to carry their babies. Fortunately, we now rediscover together the ancient art of babywearing,... Read more


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