Ring Sling - Kiss Me Berry

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45% Cashwool
55% Combed Cotton
310 GSM

And suddenly, you feel a wave of blackberry and raspberry flavoured kisses! Awww, don't you just wanna melt in these precious, gentle moments with your little one?

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Why choose this pattern?


Let us tell you the special reason for the lines that connect every berry "muah" kiss. This ring sling design represents the love bond, the unconditional connection between a mother and her child, that only grows from one kiss, to another. 


What you'll love about this ring sling:


Now, get ready to fall head over heels for this 46% Cashwool and 55% Combed Cotton stunning blend. It's just like that loving, tight hug in which you want to lose yourself, forever. 


"Kiss Me Berry" is one of our best ring slings for being your "first" because when you are putting it on, it seems like it's doing all the work on it's own. You can use it with a small baby up to the toddler years, because it successfully supports both the weight, and  curiosity of your bundle of joy. 



  • Shiny like silk and smooth like cashmere, Cashwool is the perfect example of a luxurious fabric, obtained through the revolutionary technology of high quality merinos wool processing. 

  • Keeps you warm in the winter and dry even through the scorching summer days. This is possible because of the insulation properties of wool. The fibres do not transfer heat, and their shape allows little packets of air to form, that function as an insulation layer, preserving your natural temperature close to the body and letting sweat to pass through and evaporate, therefore keeping you dry.

  • Easy to work with, especially when you change the type of carry or just need to adjust it on the go. 


Combed Cotton:

  • Combines everything you love about a sling: it's soft and smooth to the touch, lovable, strong and supportive. 

  • All these qualities are possible for a new sling, because through the process of combing, the cotton is cleaned from impurities, protruding and shorter threads, keeping only the longer, more resistant threads. This is the secret to why you love clothes made from premium combed cotton, from the first touch. It feels so fluffy!

  • We use the Jaquard weave for all our wraps. It is the safest and the only one that gives them the precious wrapping qualities that we need in babywearing. 

 How do you care for it?

To fully enjoy it you will need to prepare it for the first wear as follows: 

  • handwashed at 30 degrees without wringing

  • with a detergent that does not contain optical brighteners and without conditioner 

  • can be ironed on a low temperature without steam

  • naturally dried on a flat surface, do not tumble dry


 In the last step of the production process of the wrap fabric, it needs emollients to stabilize the fibers. The properties of these fibers are best highlighted only after a correct washing / drying process. For the safety of you and your baby, we do NOT recommend wearing before this first wash.


Why choose a ring sling?


The ring sling is mostly used when your baby is active and curious, but also wants to be held up, in your arms. Anytime you need to carry the baby for short periods of time, the ring sling is a great choice. You can adjust it with a few moves, and you are on your way!

  • It has a fixed length of 2.2 m, with 2 mobile rings sewn into one end, in a gathered shoulder.

  • It's a practical and easy solution for short walks, activities in and around the house, and on the run. 

  • Can be used with a newborn (above 3 kg), larger babies, even toddlers.

  • The ring sling is comfortable on the shoulder for various carrying positions (in front, on the hip, on the back). 


What makes "Kiss me Berry" ring sling special?


"Kiss me Berry" is a vibrant, colourful, cheerful woven ring sling, that makes you and your baby stand out from the very start! Let your daring, joyous personality and precious connection shine through, with every babywearing occasion!


Design story - behind the scenes:


"Did you know that every drupelet of a blackberry can symbolize the multiple roles of a woman? We are mothers, wives for our husbands, daughter for our parents, sisters, best friends, career women and the list goes on."

  • Casiana (founder Mum Muah)

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