Woven Wrap - Cosmopolitan Leopard

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150,05 EUR
100 % Egyptian Cotton
310 GSM

Smooth moves with a dash of sofistication. Intense colours for an instant confidence boost. This wrap is like a fashion statement! Wild side? Yes, please!
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Why choose this wrap?


The leopard print is your fashion dose, necessary like your morning coffee. And the colours? Let's just say that if you can't put on mascara or a pinch of nail polish (we so get it), it's enough to put on this wrap and Bam! Chic is back in town!


When you'lll wrap it around you, you will be surprised how soft and comfortable it feels. This leopard comes tamed right out of the box thanks to the Egyptian Cotton fibre. Gift from the gods? Perhaps!


Usually, a new wrap made from classic cotton feels stiff, hard to tighten properly and needs to be used a lot before it starts to be more user friendly. This wrap however, makes you fall in love with it, head over heels, from your first try! That's why it's such a great choice for a beginner!


Why is Egyptian Cotton such a great choice for you:

  • The Egyptian Cotton is supple and smooth, that's why kids prefer it on their skin. It can rapidly become a favorite wrap, because it's soft to the touch and comfortable to explore many types of carrying positions. 

  • The weave and the specific airy structure, makes it breathable for the skin so you can avoid overheating. That's why this is an ideal summer wrap. 

  • It's a lot more durable than the classic cotton fibre, thanks to the long cellular strands, which gives the Egyptian Cotton a special kind of resistance. You can wash it with a clean conscience because this wrap will take it. Be careful to follow the cleaning instructions. 


How do you care for it?


To fully enjoy it you will need to prepare it for the first wear as follows: 


  • washed at 30 degrees, on a delicate program 

  • with a detergent that does not contain optical brighteners and without conditioner 

  • can be ironed on a normal temperature

  • naturally dried on a flat surface, do not tumble dry


In the last step of the production process of the wrap fabric, it needs emollients to stabilize the fibers. The properties of these fibers are best highlighted only after a correct washing / drying process. For the safety of you and your baby, we do NOT recommend wearing before this first wash.

What makes this wrap special?


It can become a part of your journey as a mom, from the early days with a newborn to the high energy levels of a toddler. If this is your first wrap, you might just fall in love with babywearing. Your back will surely thank you as your baby grows, because it's much more comfortable to have the weight evenly distributed on your back and shoulders, than mostly your arms. 


Design story - behind the scenes


"Because I absolutely love all animal prints, I thought I should start with a leopard, because we all need a bit of - leopard feeling - in our lives. After you become a mother, you can say that you feel as fearless as a leopard!


I designed this pattern from the early sketches to the colour palette because I love vibrant colours! We shouldn't be afraid to STAND OUT!"

  • Casiana (founder Mum Muah)

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Marina Ennouri,

Acum am gasit si eu cateva minute sa laud minunatia asta. Deci e loooove looove loooooooove, e wrapul ala care a ramas pe planul doi, dar care m-a dat pe spate, efectiv nu mai voiam sa dau copilul jos din el. Tensionat in graba, a reusit sa distruga scaunelul de vreo doua ori


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Izabela Angalita,

Este un wrap moale si un pic mai subtire, ceea ce il face usor de legat si de tensinat. Sustine foarte bine.


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Unverified purchase

Raluca Molnar Pop,

Și acesta e cărnos și susține tare bine, dar e moale și subțirel în același timp. Se leagă ușor si nu a trebuit sa ma chinui cu tensionatul. Deși nu sunt fan print, trebuie sa recunosc ca asta îmi place maxim, iar asta e din cauza culorilor.


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Alexandra Dumitras,

Despre animalutul roz :)). Mi s-a parut ca e mai subtirel decat libelulele, dar mai pufos. E pufoooseell! Maleabil, pasele au trecut usor la DH, nu s-au impotrivit. Mi-a placut sa il leg. Si se simtea ft ok pe umeri. Abia astept sa il port mai lung si in alta legatura. Il vad ca pe un wrap potrivit pt orice varsta. Sigur se face si mai moale decat e deja! Ne-am plimbat vreo 2-3 ore in DH. Cu autobuzul, facut treaba, cumparaturi, aplecat, intins, topait, invartit, urcat/coborat, incovoiat si incordat. Pe final, de la atata zbatut aproape imi iesise ultima fasie de sub fund.


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