Woven Wrap - Noble Artichoke

177,23 EUR 124,06 EUR

30% Bamboo viscose
70% Combed cotton

260 GSM

Victorian air, romantic and with a fine full story. Find yourself in the symbol of the noble artichoke, in which for centuries people have seen the love and roomy heart of a mother.

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Why choose this wrap?


If you have a soft spot for vintage chic, you are a compassionate and gentle soul, and you love to immerse yourself in books read in dim candlelight, we made this wrap for you. 


And if you find you prefer to be very mindful about the fabrics that touch you and your baby's skin, this blend comes as a gift: Bamboo Viscose and Combed Cotton. 


Want to find out if you and this wrap are a perfect match?  


Bamboo viscose:

  • Soft and malleable, this fabric turns into your best friend during your babywearing journey, both day and night. 

  • You will love how breathable it is, which means you will feel comfortable, cool and dry during those hot summer days. Bamboo viscose helps both your bodies to naturally thermoregulate. 

  • Extracted from Bamboo pulp, viscose is a semi-natural product. It is chemically processed into a textile fibre ( this being the reason for the use of the word "semi-"). 

  • In the end product, this viscose keeps its antimicrobial properties and because of its soft, supple feel, it comes as a good choice for the baby's sensitive skin. 


Combed cotton:

  • Combines everything you love about a wrap: it's soft and smooth to the touch, lovable, strong and supportive. 

  • All these qualities are possible for a new wrap, because through the process of combing, the cotton is cleaned from impurities, protruding and shorter threads, keeping only the longer, more resistant threads. This is the secret to why you love clothes made from premium combed cotton, from the first touch. It feels so fluffy!

  • We use the Jaquard weave for all our wraps. It is the safest and the only one that gives them the precious wrapping qualities that we need in babywearing. 

How do you care for it?

To fully enjoy it you will need to prepare it for the first wear as follows: 

  • handwashed at 30 degrees without wringing

  • with a detergent that does not contain optical brighteners and without conditioner 

  • can be ironed on a low temperature without steam

  • naturally dried on a flat surface, do not tumble dry


 In the last step of the production process of the wrap fabric, it needs emollients to stabilize the fibers. The properties of these fibers are best highlighted only after a correct washing / drying process. For the safety of you and your baby, we do NOT recommend wearing before this first wash.


What makes it special?


"Noble Artichoke" is an ideal wrap for you and your summer baby. The Bamboo Viscose and Combed Cotton blend is a sweet indulgence and comes as a great help, especially if it's your first try at babywearing. You will really love to wear your baby when you have a soft, supportive wrap that feels like love at first touch. 


Design Story - behind the scenes


"We are all sensible inside."

  • Casiana (founder Mum Muah)


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