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You are sexy in all your shapes and sizes, as a woman and a mother. And you are loving it! It's an energy that feels like an intense, crazy, adrenaline rush adventure. "Sexy Snake" is the proper culmination of your femininity!

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Why choose this wrap?


For you! For the same reason that you choose to put on your favourite red lipstick and dreamy eyelashes mascara: because you deserve to look and feel glorious!


Besides, wearing this wrap is a delightful experience for both you and your baby, that will make you feel spoiled, just as you deserve!


Woven with Egyptian Cotton and fine golden rexor threads for an extra shine, the "Sexy Snake" wrap gives you an unique support, that makes it suitable for both a baby and a toddler. It's comfortable for the child and soft on your shoulders and back. 


Why is Egyptian Cotton such a great choice for you:

  • The Egyptian Cotton is supple and smooth, that's why kids prefer it on their skin. It can rapidly become a favorite wrap, because it's soft to the touch and comfortable to explore many types of carrying positions. 

  • The weave and the specific airy structure, makes it breathable for the skin so you can avoid overheating. That's why this is an ideal summer wrap, but it can be worn in the winter with the proper babywearing coat or jacket, to keep both you and your baby warm. 

  • It's a lot more durable than the classic cotton fibre, thanks to the long cellular strands, which gives the Egyptian Cotton a special kind of resistance. You can wash it with a clean conscience because this wrap will take it. Be careful to follow the cleaning instructions. 

  • The fine golden rexor thread will surprise you with its softness. 

  • We encourage you to try all kinds of carrying positions. They will look amazing on you!

How do you care for it?

To fully enjoy it you will need to prepare it for the first wear as follows: 

  • washed at 30 degrees, on a delicate program 

  • with a detergent that does not contain optical brighteners and without conditioner 

  • can be ironed on a normal temperature

  • naturally dried on a flat surface, do not tumble dry


 In the last step of the production process of the wrap fabric, it needs emollients to stabilize the fibers. The properties of these fibers are best highlighted only after a correct washing / drying process. For the safety of you and your baby, we do NOT recommend wearing before this first wash.


What makes this wrap special?


You don't need it, like you don't need a sexy lingerie. But it will make you feel and look, just like the amazing woman you already are! 


In short, this is the wrap that you will surely choose for yourself!


Design story - behind the scenes


"Red is the colour that best describes maternity: brave, strong and fearless!"

  • Casiana (founder Mum Muah)

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maja baldea,

L-am încercat și deși credeam că rexorul e prea sclipicios penru mine, am avut o surpiză. E un wrap luxos, dar sclipiciul este temperat de combiația de culori și pattern, iar wrapul e rezistent la murdărire și acțiune pe afară. Susține foarte bine și e plăcut pe umeri, deși nu e gros.


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Florinela Uifalean,

Nici cu serpisoru nu ne e rușine


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Unverified purchase

Sorina Enache,

Sexy snake este extrem de subtirel si maleabil.


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Unverified purchase

Hajdu Erika,

A fost interesant faptul ca am convins toddlerul de 3 ani sa se lase legat (nu l-am mai prins de la vârsta de 1 an când a zis nu wrapurilor). Susține minunat cele 15 kg


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Mirela Andra Bande,

M-au vrăjit culorile din acest wrap, tare frumoase, perfecte de toamna as zice eu, iar rexorul da o nota in plus de belsug; un wrap prețios, l-as încadra in categoria “de lux”; susține bine, blând cu umerii și spatele meu și a stat foarte bine fixat. Așadar, un mare like


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