Woven Wrap - Midnight Bloom Camouflage

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100% combed cotton

Merge your protective instinct with your brilliant, rebellious spirit! With these strong colours, daring zebra stripes and bold tropical leaves, you can really enjoy your wild side, together with your baby.
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Why choose this wrap?

Zebra is the fashion's new leopard and the optical illusion of this camouflage pattern, together with the colour mix of light blue and electric blue on magenta warp creates a wonderful color changing effect.


But when you are looking for "the" wrap and it seems impossible to decide which blend to choose, your best bet is on a single fabric woven wrap. Discover the benefits of Combed Cotton, used to weave "Midnight Bloom Camouflage": 

Why is Combed cotton such a great choice for you:


  • Combed cotton combines everything you love about a wrap: it's soft and smooth to the touch, lovable, strong and supportive. 

  • It’s easy to work with and tension, broken in even as soon as the first wash cycle, it supports the weight wonderfully.

  • All these qualities are possible for a new wrap, because through the process of combing, the cotton is cleaned from impurities, protruding and shorter threads, keeping only the longer, more resistant threads. This is the secret to why you love clothes made from premium combed cotton, from the first touch. It feels so fluffy!  


How do you care for it?

To fully enjoy it you will need to prepare it for the first wear as follows: 


  • washed at 30 degrees, on a delicate program 

  • with a detergent that does not contain optical brighteners and without conditioner 

  • can be ironed on a normal temperature

  • naturally dried on a flat surface, do not tumble dry


 In the last step of the production process of the wrap fabric, it needs emollients to stabilize the fibers. The properties of these fibers are best highlighted only after a correct washing / drying process. For the safety of you and your baby, we do NOT recommend wearing before this first wash.

What makes it special?

"Midnight Bloom Camouflage" embraces your bodies in such a way that soon it starts to feel like part of the family. And when you are looking for an energy boost, this wild wanderlust is just what you need!

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